Keep Up With Kimberly Michelle Westwood!

Keep Up With Kimberly Michelle Westwood!Keep Up With Kimberly Michelle Westwood!Keep Up With Kimberly Michelle Westwood!

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Kimberly, the creation of Brandon, lives in Portland, Oregon.  She is Portland's Mail Order Bride Socialite Drag Queen. Recently winning the title of Rose Empress LX(60)and being crowned the first Asian Rose Empress of Portland!  She has been performing around for about 8 years.  She started her drag as a charity drag event for a softball team she was apart of.  You can catch her at different events around the Portland Metro area as well as a city near you!  She also enjoys traveling all over and meeting new people!



You can catch Kimberly hosting many different events.  From Dog Fashion shows to charity benefit shows.  Being a past Miss Gay Oregon & Imperial Princess, she belongs to the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Portland organization raising money for different charities around Portland.  Check out the organization at



Kimberly enjoys the social scene.  She is always down to attend a party and looking fabulous doing so!  Schedule an event consultation with Kimberly. Together, you can figure out what your entertainment needs are. You will also get tips on what to do to make your event shine & how Kimberly can help make your event a major success.

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